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Crimson Skies
1) Slow down the zeppelin WORKERS' VOYAGE by destroying its engines.
2) Dock with the WORKERS' VOYAGE.
3) Redock with the WORKERS' VOYAGE to collect Dr. Fassenbiender
4) Return to the PANDORA with Dr. Fassenbiender.
4 Russian Devastators
? sets of 3 Russian Devastators (usually 2 sets)
Black Swan in a Fury
4 Black Swans Furies
The Black Swans "DARK ANGEL" Zeppelin (optional)
The Russian "WORKERS' VOYAGE" Zeppelin (optional)

The luxury airship "WORKER'S VOYAGE" is the next target of those capitalist pigs, the Fortune Hunters! They seek to rescue their fellow imperialist, Dr. Wilhelm Fassenbiender, a scientist known for his cooperation with the German fascists and the American capitalists...! To be honest, Dr. Fassenbiender is an old acquaintance of Nathan Zachary who is abducted by Russian spies to work for them on revolutionary aviation projects. His daughter Ilsa managed to transmit a distress call to Zachary who is about to improvise yet again with a risky plan to pick the Doctor off the getaway Zeppelin. Surprises besides strong Russian resistance are also expected by other pirate groups, since the luxury zeppelin is said to bear treasures...


Watch Briefing[]

Recommended Plane[]

This mission is a notch harder than the previous ones, as you have to deal with powerful Devastators, 9 zep engines, and nimble Furies (one of which is piloted by an ace), all in the same mission. By (re)playing this mission with different plane designs, here you can get a feel of the type of plane you have a better affinity to.

On one side of the spectrum of the planes that you have unlocked so far, there is the Brigand, which has fair agility and below-average speed. Assuming it's equipped with max armor, it has a respectable forward firepower and a rear turret that, albeit heavy, will be a thorn in the side of agile but lightly-armored planes, and will even give you free kills. Unless you perform best in fast and nimble planes, this is the recommended plane for this mission. Although the Kestrel and the Balmoral, which are heavier, are also available (and you can beat the mission with them), I wouldn't recommend them for a new player.

The Devastator is in the middle of the spectrum, as it has average agility and speed, but it doesn't have a heavy turret, which means it can mount even heavier frontal weapons than both the Peacemaker and the Brigand.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the Peacemaker, which has excellent agility, good speed, and, even if equipped with max armor, can still pack more than enough firepower to beat this mission.

If you struggle against the defending Devastators, bring a dogfighter, either your own Devastator or maybe a Peacemaker (or a Fury or Bloodhawk if you've previously unlocked them and are replaying this mission). If, on the other hand, your problem is knocking out the "WORKERS' VOYAGE", bring something loaded with at least one pair of .70-cal cannons, like a Devastator (or even a Brigand if you reduce the caliber of the other guns, or maybe a Kestrel or Balmoral, or even a Warhawk after you unlock it).

Recommended Loadout[]

A zeppelin's engines (and turrets) are most vulnerable to dum-dum ammunition, so pack some of those (as they are useful against planes that have lost their armor too), plus armor-piercing ammunition to deal with fighters' armor. If you only have one weapon slot, then either use slug or explosive ammunition.

Regarding rockets, primarily flaks for this one, since you want to disable the "WORKERS' VOYAGE", not destroy it. Flak rockets are great against planes too, so that's even more of a reason to use them.


After you launch from the PANDORA, you'll be greeted with a squadron of 4 Russian Devastators. After you shoot them down, you'll fly over to the WORKERS' VOYAGE. You need to take out exactly half her engines (9) to reduce her speed; to make it easier, try taking out all the engines on one side only. From time to time, she'll launch sets of 3 Devastators that you'll need to down (usually only 2 sets, this will keep happening until you blow half the engines and you can potentially rack up a lot of kills as such).

After you cripple half of the WORKERS' VOYAGE engines, her crew will sound off that they are now stationary and vulnerable, where Nathan will sound off to his crew on boarding the zep. You will need to approach the docking crane from behind, and slow down to half your normal speed to hook up. The docking sequence will not happen if you are too fast or too low, and can lead to crashing onto the WORKERS' VOYAGE if not careful. A cutscene will show Nathan docking and Jack climbing up into the zep before Nathan unhooks from the docking crane and fly off.

After which, Sparks will signal that an unknown entity has been spotted south of the WORKERS' VOYAGE. Shortly after, Black Swan will announce her arrival with the Black Swans zeppelin DARK ANGEL emerging from the clouds. It will be accompanied by 5 Furies, as well as Black Swan herself. She will be cut off in her speech noticing your presence and orders her crew to engage. As always, take out the Ace first (while she's still talking even) and the fighters next. After all the fighters are down, the DARK ANGEL will turn tail and head off into the clouds.

Halfway fighting Swan and her crew Jack will announce having found Dr. Fassenbiender. Nathan will inform him they are engaged with the Black Swans and Jack will exclaim asking why they are here. Soon he will state that both of them are now waiting on the docking hook. Repeat the steps of docking, where Nathan approaches the hook exactly as before, and Dr. Fassenbiender will climb into your cockpit leaving Jack to parachute away.

With Dr. Fassenbiender with you in your plane Nathan will order everyone to mop up any remaining resistance. When all enemies are gone, you can head back to the PANDORA.

Be advised that you don't need to shoot down all the attacking planes at any point, but attempting to dock with the WORKERS' VOYAGE while they're still buzzing around can be very frustrating. It's also a good strategy to destroy the WORKERS' VOYAGE Turrets near the docking hook. She isn't going anywhere, so feel free to clear the skies and her defenses before making your approach.

Completing this mission will earn you $5000, and will unlock one memento, the Fury, and the flash, smoke and choker rockets.


Workers' Voyage

It's really fun to show off your skills by destroying all enemy fighters and completely crippling the "Workers' Voyage" Zeppelin before you destroy any of its gasbags! To achieve this, you must know the zeppelin's attributes:

-10 Gasbags long (Nose & Tail included)
-18 Engines (9 in each side)
-1 Nose Anti-Aircraft Gun
-8 Top Turrets
-4 Belly Turrets

After you clear out every enemy aircraft AND after you collect Dr. Fassenbiender (if you don't take the doctor out of the Zeppelin, you won't be able to finish the mission) try to take out all of the engines until the Workers' Voyage remains dead still. Next shoot and destroy every turret and the nose anti-aircraft gun. You can now enjoy a completely crippled Workers' Voyage standing still! Now, before you dock with the Pandora, blow 5 of the Zep's gasbags with aerial torpedoes to make the Workers' Voyage fall into the sea! (however, you need to have the torpedoes from the loadout before the mission starts)


Black Swans Zeppelin

You can perform the exact same "First disable, then down" trick with the Black Swans Zeppelin (although it's very hard to down both Zeppelins in one run). Her attributes are:

-5 Gasbags long (Nose & Tail included)
-14 Engines (7 in each side)
-12 Broadside Cannons (6 in each side)
-1 Nose Anti-Aircraft Gun
-1 Tail Anti-Aircraft Gun
-8 Side Turrets (4 in each side)
-4 Belly Turrets

Bear in mind that you need to take out 3 of the Zep's gasbags to bring her down.


There are no stunts in this mission

Logbook items[]

  • Northwest Messenger newspaper clipping on "Pirate Gangs Tussle over Soviet Zep!"
  • Northwest Messenger Newspaper clipping on "Zachary Steals Royal Jewels!" (this explains why the Black Swans arrived)
  • Northwest Messenger Newspaper clipping on Dr. Fassenbiender, "Engineering Whiz Joins Boeing"
  • A letter from Black Swan


  • This is the first mission that takes place above and below the clouds, where it can be very breathtaking. Be careful coming up through the clouds though, you can sometimes come out right at the WORKERS VOYAGE or DARK ANGEL and have a hard time avoiding it.
  • This is the only mission you fight against Black Swan and her crew.