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Protect the Pandora

Shoot down attackers

Medusa Brigands escorted by Kestrels

Despite the name, it's not the British Empire's forces that are out for revenge against the Fortune Hunters as they try to complete their capture of Drake's Gold.


Recommended Plane[]

A dogfighter, especially a Devastator, will be effective against your entirely fighter-based opposition.

Recommended Loadout[]

Pack the flak for this one - although some armor-piercing rockets and ammunition might not hurt against the Brigands.


A very straightforward mission - the helpless PANDORA will be attacked by two waves of Medusas. First, from the northeast, one flight of Brigands and Kestrels. Take the Brigands first, as they're focused on the Pandora, and they will bring her down if they are not stopped. Then go after the Kestrels.

Once the first wave is gone, a second force will turn up from the southwest. Another two flights, one of Brigands and one of Kestrels, only this time they're escorted by a Medusa Ace. She's the primary target, because if ignored for the Brigands she'll tear you to shreds.

Once the Ace is down, target the Brigands, then the Kestrels. The Kestrels will mostly be distracted by the wingmen, so be careful if your fellow Fortune Hunters hit the silk - their attackers will switch their attention to you. Use the terrain, especially the tight gap between the Pandora and the water, to shake them off.

Sparks will radio in whenever the PANDDORA suffers increasing degrees of damage. While the PANDORA has its turrets engaged, it is still a sitting duck as the Fortune Hunters said before. If the PANDORA loses all its engines the mission is over, so pay attention and prioritise ridding of its attackers.

Once all the enemies are gone the mission concludes shortly after. There will be no docking sequence so finish whatever that is desired before handling any outstanding enemies.

Completing this mission will earn you $20000, and will unlock one memento and the Brigand.


Three in this mission, two of which you've seen before

  1. The watery cave on the eastern shore. You can grab this before the Medusas show up, if you're quick.
  2. The palm-tree gap. You can grab this before the Medusas show up, but you've got to be quick, and the gap seems narrower than before.
  3. Once the Pandora has lowered the grappling hook, fly between the Pandora and the Teresa.

Logbook items[]

  • A photograph showing some of the PANDORA's crew enjoying the lost treasure.
  • A captioned sketch of Zachary and Justine made by Jack.


  • This is the last mission taking place within the Kingdom of Hawaii.
  • This is also the last mission involving the Medusas gang.