Crimson Skies Wiki

Triple-rockets, also commonly known by their original name as roquettes triple, are a type of rocket made by the Dassault Aviation Company, and most commonly found on their own Dassault MD 445 Dauphin.

Triple-rockets are an advanced form of the magnetic missile, which is itself based upon the beeper-seeker rocket concept designed initally by Doctor Wilhelm Fassenbiender.

A triple-rocket launcher fires three small rockets at once, each with its own magnetic seeker head. These rockets, similar to magnetic missiles, are attracted to the magnetic field distortions generated by the bodies of aircraft, the internal structures of zeppelins and the armor of turrets. While the small triple-rockets are individually less powerful than standard magnetic missiles, their independent seeker heads means that they can spread their damage over a wider area.

Triple-rockets are most effective when used with multiple launching platforms. The original design calculations called for a half-squadron of Dauphins to be able to eliminate all the engines and turrets on a zeppelin in two passes, and it succeeds admirably.

The triple-rockets shares the same strengths and weaknesses as the magnetic missile - the rockets can adjust for small errors by the attacking pilot, they are most effective with sufficient distance to adjust their flight path, and fast-moving targets on a non-parallel course can easily evade the missile.