The Die Spinne Tunnelzug (literally "Tunnel Train") was one of the Die Spinne Wunderwaffe deployed as part of their campaign to establish a facist state in the Industrial States of America. The Tunnelzug was a multi-legged anti-zeppelin device, equipped with multiple anti-aircraft turrets and plated with titanium. The Tunnelzug, despite its cutting-edge technology, was deployed only once by Die Spinne, against a combined Navajo and Fortune Hunter force intending to retake a titanium mine that had been captured by Die Spinne and the Red Skulls.

The primary weapon of the Tunnelzug was the nose-mounted heavy flamethrower, a weapon designed to disable and destroy low-flying zeppelins. Clearly designed to operate in close, rugged terrain such as the Arixo canyons and the downtown Chicago area, the Tunnelzug was able to climb up to its targets and fire its main weapon to devastating effect.

The titanium armor of the Tunnelzug was impenetrable to the weaponry carried by the Fortune Hunters and their Navajo allies. However, the titanium shield covering the main flamethrower weapon had to be retracted in order to fire, allowing the Fortune Hunters, led by Nathan Zachary, to fire into the flamethrower. The damaged flamethrower's ammunition detonated as a result of this attack, destroying the Tunnelzug from the inside out.