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Wilhelm Fassenbiender






Ilsa Fassenbiender (Daughter)


Aviation Scientist, former prison camp inmate


Fortune Hunters, USSR, Germany

Doctor Wilhelm Fassenbiender, a German national, is widely regarded as one of the best aircraft designers of the decade. Directly responsible for the groundbreaking Hughes Bloodhawk and the equally-revolutionary Allison V-series engine, Fassenbiender's contributions to the world of aviation cannot be overestimated.

Imprisoned in the Ingolstadt prison camp during the Great War for refusing to contribute to the Kaiser's efforts to develop more powerful chemical weapons, Fassenbiender met the dashing pilot Nathan Zachary, and the two men made a serious impression on each other. While Zachary managed to escape to Russia, Fassenbiender survived the war in the camp and, at war's end, emigrated to the United States with his daughter, Ilsa.

Employed by Hughes Aviation, Doctor Fassenbiender again ran into Nathan Zachary and his Fortune Hunters after his kidnap by USSR agents aboard the luxury airship Workers' Voyage. The Fortune Hunters were able to rescue the Doctor and his daughter from their enemies, and they remained aboard the Fortune Hunters' zeppelin Pandora until the conclusion of the Fortune Hunters' campaign against the Black Hats pirate gang and Sacred Trust Incorporated.

Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge Doc Fassenbiender 1

Doc Fassenbiender, shortly before his death.

Die Spinne Crisis[]

Following the events of 1937, Doctor Fassenbiender set up a number of facilities on the West Coast, including a laboratory and research facility on his own island and a aircraft fuelling and repair station in the caldera of Sea Haven, both off the coast of the Nation of Hollywood.

Generally referred to as "Doc", Fassenbiender continued his researches, culminating in the Wind Turbine. This invention was so powerful that Doctor Fassenbiender was killed by Doctor Von Essen of the fascist Die Spinne organization for the information. While Die Spinne were driven off by the Fortune Hunters before they could retrieve the plans, the Fortune Hunters were not in time to save Doctor Fassenbiender, who died in the battle.